Kate Peterson

Digital Photography

Kate Peterson is a photographer located in Boston, Massachusetts. Her love of photography started at the age of six when she received her first camera, a Polaroid i-Zone that was a gift from her mother. Capturing and documenting single moments in time became a fascination for her. Kate learned that each image she created told a greater story than what was seen, and how photography could be harnessed to convey a story. Now, seventeen years later, she will be graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in photography in May of 2020. Her recent focus has been abstractions, both through manipulated portraiture and macro photography. She is also pursuing her ongoing interests in traditional portraiture and landscape photography as well. Her goal as a photographer is to create images that tell compelling stories, leaving the viewer invested in the subject, whether it be a person, place, or object. In Kate’s latest project “Faces”, she uses the camera to document how she is affected by ADHD, and how she interacts with the world around her because of it.