Khristopher Parker-Ryan

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Khristopher Parker-Ryan (born. 1994) is a Fine Art Photographer completing his BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Khris identifies as an African-American male. He attended Bunker Hill community college studying business for 2 years before he decided to fully commit and pursue a career in art.
The oldest of four in a single parent household has given him a unique perspective since a young age, aiding his photographic eye. He is an artist whose work is primarily portraiture based. His work incorporates a documentary style approach with elements of performance. He uses a lot of gestures and close compositions in his images that convey levels of intimacy. Khris explores the ideas of identity, masculinity, and race through his portraits. Though the work isn't inherently political, there is an agenda for his subjects to have a voice allowing the work to be seen as somewhat political. He seeks to understand his struggles and experience as a black man in America, with hopes of connecting to his viewer regardless of their own race.