Caroline Wirawan

and they were all pale


→ Interview

A few months ago, I experienced deaths very close to me. To me, grieving has been a really strange process. I find myself constantly stumbling upon memories that are both painful yet meaningful, at times I force myself to forget but they come rushing back in forms of fragments and flashes.

In the beginning this project was about me facing my grief. For what seemed like the longest time I avoided going to the places that reminded me of the figures I’d lost in my life, but through this project I forced myself to face those places. This project was an extension of my frustration towards the indefinite, confusing and messy process of grieving but it’s taken an unexpected turn.

Since the pandemic struck, I’ve been forced to stay inside with my boyfriend and though it’s kept me trapped alone with my thoughts, I’ve found a way to navigate my grief through my relationship with him. As time has passed, the melancholy stayed in the work, but a newfound sense of hope slowly emerges.